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If you arrive at this website you probably already know what Magento is and are looking for ways to build Magento know-how.

You want to create custom themes unleashing the full flexibility and freedom of Magento?

You want to customize and enhance Magento and develop extensions without being slowed down by missing documentation?

Our trainings empower you to lift magento development to new levels of efficiency!

Magento developers belong to the most sought experts among web-developers in Europe and the United States.
Claim your share of the market!

Vinai Kopp can be booked for in-house trainings and coaching on-the-job.
The topics can be arranged according to your and your projects requirements.

Experience shows it is best to start with a minimum of 2 days.
Depending on prior knowledge and the ground covered during the training the duration has to be adjusted to match your needs.

Together with Rico Neitzel and Roman Zenner Vinai Kopp regularly holds 1-day trainings for Users, Designers and Magento-Developers.

He is also available as speaker in German and English for events on all topics regarding Magento..

You can view a selection of slides from past events here.

Magento - Das Handbuch für Entwickler

The German Magento Developer Book is an ideal addition to our trainings.

All aspects of a complex software like Magento can't possibly be covered by one book.
You can ask the co-author Vinai Kopp any remaining questions directly during a training.


A selection of testimonials:

"...the colleagues are still talking about the excellent training you gave..."
K. Wilke, ENO telecom GmbH

"I can recommend Vinai Kopp without restrictions. Vinai knows Magento inside-out and could not only answer all our questions during the two-day crash-course, but also explain everything in a very understandable way..."
N. Hagemann, triplesense GmbH

"Mr. Kopp has profound knowledge and experience [...]. Possible solutions could be compiled in a short time and the pros and cons where explained in detail."
A. Schumacher, Villeroy & Boch AG

Freelance programmer and web-developer since 1998. Specialized on Magento since march 2008. From february 2010 concentration on developer-trainings.
Author, active community member and part of the Magento community advisory board (CAB).

Vinai Kopp
Hauptstr. 18
74924 Neckarbischofsheim

Phone +49 (0)173 / 31 33 444
vinai at netzarbeiter dot com

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